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by Peter Coish

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According to comScore, Canada reached something of a milestone in 2014: we now spend as much time accessing the Internet on our mobile devices as we do on desktop computers. And, as we become more accustomed to our mobile devices, the time we spend on them will only increase.

But how are marketers to reach consumers on their mobiles? A smartphone is the most personal of our connected devices, and there has been plenty of research that indicates that consumers don’t want advertising invading their mobile space. And then there’s the issue of the size of these diminutive banner ads.

But the rapid growth of mobile advertising spending suggests marketers are holding their noses — their concerns are outweighed by a desire to have a presence on consumers’ mobile devices. According to eMarketer, mobile display advertising now accounts for a 30% share of total digital display ad spending in Canada and is expected to grow to 80% by 2018.  In 2013, the mobile display category grew a staggering 177%, according to the IAB.

We think the growth in mobile advertising is largely driven by the fact that marketers think  they don’t have any alternatives.  But we think there’s a better way to reach consumers on mobile with a brand’s message — with content they actually want to engage with.

But we’re biased. So tell us what you think by completing our survey — it’s quick, fun and completely tongue-in-cheek.