Primus Dives into Content Marketing

Primus Telecommunications Picks Kuration

Canada's largest alternative telecom provider chooses us for content marketing.

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Primus Telecommunications is Canada’s largest alternative telecommunications provider, competing with the likes of Rogers and Bell for your ISP dollar. And we’re proud to call Primus a charter client of Kuration.

Our initial assignment for Primus is to introduce the company to the world of content marketing, starting with their presence on Facebook.  After a round of content strategy workshops to identify how to connect Primus’ brand values with content their prospects would find relevant and shareable, we arrived at Home Economics.  Home Economics is a social media content series with the mission of helping Canadian families make their hard-earned cash go further, and their lives better. The posts provide information of genuine value to Primus’ customers and prospects that they can use in their daily life.

Like this one on choosing strawberries.

And it’s completely in line with what Primus stands for as a company. We launched their Facebook page just last month, and already we’re seeing encouraging levels of engagement. Check it out.