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Tabatha Bourguignon

She's all about community...and grammar.

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by Staff

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Tabatha deftly manages social communities on behalf of our clients.

Splice an anthropologist, a motivational speaker, a writer, a researcher and a marketer/advertiser together. You’ve just cloned Kuration’s Tabatha Bourguignon.

Tabatha got online in 1995 and has yet to unplug. Along the way she’s done everything from blogging to gaming to moderating and has had fun at every turn. Deeply in love with the “Why of Everything,” Tabatha’s background in online communities has melded into the research and advertising space over the years – the excitement of why people do the things they do keeps her focused. She’s also a stickler for proper spelling and grammar, and has a bit of an editing problem. (Expect to hear her musing about the horrid lack of red pens in today’s digital world.)

Some of Tabatha’s favourite things in life include her husband and kids, her greyhounds, her Sphynx (hairless cat), tattoos and music. You can find her online more often than not, with a karaoke bar as a close second. Happily self-identifying as a “Geek Girl,” Tabatha’s currently making her way through Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black and Firefly, and firmly believes that the answer to the world’s problems is “42.”