The Best Content Marketing of April 2019

Candy in a box, LEGO apps, and a funny access aisle PSA.


by Dave Robson

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This month in content marketing, BraunAbility made a pretty funny PSA about access aisles, Hello Fresh launched a recipe box loaded with candy, and Lego teased an app that we all really, really want.

BraunAbility Makes a Funny PSA

BraunAbility is a manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vans. Making a PSA about not parking in access aisles, which are the spaces next to handicap parking spots, is pretty apt content marketing for them.

Zach Anner is a comedian who has cerebral palsy. That is to say, he’s a funny guy and he uses a wheelchair. He also has a pretty robust social media presence, so that makes him an ideal person for a PSA about not parking in access aisles.

The Hello Fresh Unicorn Box

Hello Fresh is one of those meal services that sends a box of ingredients to your door. This April Fools, they announced a diabetes-inducing “unicorn box” full of candy and recipes to justify all that candy.

Separating this prank from the countless others, Hello Fresh included a link with all their social media so fans could order the box. The link just went to a blog post expanding on the prank before admitting that it was, in fact, a prank, but it got people to their site, which is important. Also, people who still wanted a sugar fix were redirected to a collection of chocolate recipes, because what would be better than even more dessert-inspired content marketing?

Lego Launches Find My Brick

Sometimes simple is best. This April Fools prank from Lego is just an image in a tweet, but it got plenty of attention. And who wouldn’t want an app that helps them find a specific brick amongst a sea of Lego?