The Best Content Marketing of August, 2019

Featuring guns, p*rn, video games, and heavy metal.


by Dave Robson

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Display Advertising: Direct Buy or DSP – Which is Right for You?

Bypassing the middleman usually means a lower price for the buyer. But when it comes to display advertising, this truism ain’t, umm, true.

Google Downranks AI Content. But Google Is Paying Publishers to Create AI Content

Google, what the heck?

Overview of Quebec’s Bill 25

Quebec’s Bill 25, officially known as “An Act to improve the protection of personal information in the private sector,” will profoundly reshape the landscape of marketing and advertising within the province.

Impact on Marketing and Advertising

The Everything App Will Amount to Nothing

Elon’s cringey press release about X as the “everything app” is a case of a billionaire smelling his own farts for too long.

The Google Ads Algorithm and the (Dreaded) Learning Period

Google Ads’ advanced algorithms learn from vast datasets to predict outcomes. Tweaking campaigns may reset this process and trigger a learning period.

This month in content marketing, a gun store had a funny take on Facebook’s advertising rules, Pornhub is raising awareness of ocean pollution along with some much needed environmental clean up cash, and Ninja wrote a book. And if you don’t know who that is, we assume you don’t have Fortnite obsessed kids.

Ninja Wrote a Book

Ninja, the world’s first celebrity gamer, has written a book. Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming, probably won’t help you get better at gaming though. As reviewers have noted, it’s much more of a branding exercise. It’s full of generic advice like learn from your mistakes, be a good teammate, practice makes perfect, and set realistic goals. Really, though, this book is another delivery vector for Ninja’s voice and brand to get in front of kids eyeballs when they’re not allowed to look at screens. Although, given the wholesomeness of the advice, it’s hard to find fault here. If anything, this book should make the video-games-are-ruining-kids-these-days crowd knock it off.

Pornhub Wants to Clean Beaches

Visit the internet’s favourite porn site and you’ll find a video called the Dirtiest Porn Ever. We’ll post a screencap of the title page, but we’re not linking it.

What is it? It’s two people having sex on the dirty beach, making the point that “plastic and waste can ruin an otherwise beautiful scene”, according to VP Corey Price. Every click sends some money to Ocean Polymers, a group dedicated to cleaning plastic from the ocean. Good ol’ Pornhub, leading the way in social responsibility.

Gun Store vs. Facebook’s Ad Standards

You can’t advertise guns on Facebook. In fact, there are a bunch of things you can’t advertise on Facebook, like tobacco products, heath care products with before-and-after images, surveillance equipment (ahem . . .), or anything Facebook deems controversial. We aren’t here to debate the merits of the system, or what things should be included on the list or what things should be excluded. We bring it up because this gun store in Oklahoma had a funny take on the situation, creating a video that tries to fulfil Facebook’s criteria.

Why is this relevant to you? Well, different platforms have different standards, and it’s important to remember that sometimes those standards can change rapidly. Last year, YouTube cracked down on marijuana-related content, effectively destroying the businesses of many small-time content creators. Their platform, their rules—so find a way to adapt or move on to another platform.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s Video Game

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard has a new album out. Of course, given that they’ve done 15 albums since 2012, they pretty much always have a new album out. Perhaps that’s why they’re promoting this album, Infest the Rats’ Nestwith a browser video game. In the game, Mars for the Reich, you run around, shooting rats and dodging fireballs. It’s like classic Doom with rats. And the band’s music serves as the game’s soundtrack. All in all, very metal.