The Best Content Marketing of February, 2020

Gin for leap babies, dirty duets, and hugs from grandma.

On Content Marketing

by Dave Robson

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This month in content marketing, Ryan Reynolds gave an 84-year-old her first “legal” drink, Brazzers decided that porn needs musical duets, and Vitamin Water just wants you to play a game about hugs from grandma.

Ryan Reynolds Serves Gin to a Leap Baby

Arlene Manko was born in 1936, but on a leap day. So that made her birthday in 2020 her twenty-first birthday. Cue marketing machine Ryan Reynolds, who decided to buy Manko her first “legal” drink, which, of course, would be his brand, Aviation Gin. It’s pretty funny, so give it a watch.

Brazzers Does a Musical

Perhaps taking a page out of Pornhub’s playbook, Brazzers realised that the only way to market themselves is with clever content marketing, so they wrote this duet. Shockingly, pornstars Lacy Lennon and Quinton James are good at singing. Add the fact that this video is a pretty funny take on baffling porn trope, and you’ve got non-explicit marketing that works for a brand that has a tough time marketing themselves with traditional methods.

Vitamin Water Makes the Most Non-Violent Video Game

Vitamin Water wants to market themselves with a game. And they want wholesome content on the internet. And they want hugs from grandma. Hence their game, Grandma’s Big Hug 4. It’s a simple game that you can play one-handed on mobile, wherein you are grandma, you hug people who need hugs, and you drink vitamin waters in order to get a little more time hugging people prior to your nap.