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We think great content marketing strategy starts with finding your "C-Spot".

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We’re a boutique marketing company based in Toronto, Canada dedicated to helping you build your brand – and sales – with content marketing that entertains, engages and informs.

Unlike advertising agencies, our people are storytellers drawn almost exclusively from the entertainment and publishing sectors.

They know how to capture the minds – and hearts – of your prospects and customers. They’re moviemakers. TV show directors. Novelists. Playwrights. Bloggers. Visual artists. And they’re the people we call on when it’s time to produce content that will enthrall your prospects and customers.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t know business.

On the contrary. We are experienced brand strategists who understand the complexities of negotiating today’s multichannel marketing universe. We know we have an obligation to our clients to stay abreast of how this universe is evolving in a relentless effort to deliver a return on your investment in content marketing.

Proof of our business chops can be found in our content marketing strategy workshops, in which we find the intersection between your brand’s values and what interests and engages your target audience. (We call this your brand’s “C-Spot.”)

Then we develop and design a distribution plan for your content to ensure your audience gets the opportunity to see it. We can even design and build the distribution platforms you may need like online magazines and social media pages, using the latest technologies.

Our creative team will enthusiastically take on the challenge of creating content that aligns with the strategy.

Content that gets the attention of your audience. We don’t take a “campaign” or sprint approach to content creation – we understand that content marketing is a marathon that is most effective over the long term, and we take care to ensure your budget is spent on reaching the customer (and not on opulent production costs or exorbitant fees). We will also not invest your budget in one-offs.

We balance our zany creative side with a respect for rigorous analytics and analysis.

We can also help amplify your content, using an arsenal of organic and paid digital advertising. And every day we’ll crunch the numbers and help you understand what works and what doesn’t. With a mix of content amplification and brand ads, we create a funnel to bring your customers in by engaging and then constantly re-engaging with them for long-term value.

Call or email us today. We’d love to talk to you about how our approach to content marketing can grow your business.