We Do Digital Different

Our clients know where every dollar of their digital media spend is going, and how it’s performing. In real time.

Digital Ad Tech Experts

We have the experience and expertise to buy whatever digital media your plan requires, including content marketing. This includes PPC platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and display + video platforms such as Display Video 360 and Amazon. As a client you get access to a real time dashboard so you know how your ads are performing 24/7.

It’s Time for Content Marketing


Smart marketers today are turning to content and social media marketing.

Content marketing is the creation of relevant and valuable free content with the goal of engaging your prospects and leading them to purchase. Social media marketing puts that content in front of the right audiences, and gets them talking. It’s part of what we do at KURATION.

What Can Content Marketing Do for Your Business?

Content marketing can be the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

It differentiates and raises awareness of your brand, converts prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. And delivers immediate results like increased traffic to your social and web properties, improved SEO and new prospects.

What We Do

We offer digital advertising strategy development and campaign execution, with a focus on the travel & destination marketing, financial services, telecommunications, retail and professional services sectors. We can also build your blog or optimize your existing website for content marketing and search.

Specialists in Tourism and Destination Marketing

We have years of experience developing successful digital advertising and content marketing for travel and destination marketing organizations. (Like this one, for example.)

If you are a small to mid-size hotelier, resort operator, tour operator attraction operator, or destination marketing organization, we can develop a bespoke turn-key content marketing programs that deliver guests.

About Kuration


We’re a Canadian boutique advertising agency dedicated to helping you build your brand and sales with digital direct marketing and content marketing.

Our team of digital fanatics bring global agency brawn and local agency charm to your account.

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