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Christine is Kuration’s Vice President of Operations.

Christine worked with Peter on the Media Sales team for Facebook Canada over 14 years ago. After that auspicious start she helped launch two successful agency trading desks. Most recently she helped launch and grow MightyHive Canada’s Account Team, Google’s largest global channel partner for the Google Marketing Platform; Christine has been leading and growing teams for almost a decade.

She has a strong and very diverse digital background ranging from social, display, native, content and a deep understanding of data analytics, as well as a coding background.

She has worked on hundreds of global brands ranging in ad spends from 1 million – 25 million per brand (in all verticals) and has spent a large amount of her time in the US market, not just Canada. She has also spent many years immersed in projects where she worked very closely with creative agencies and media teams on collaborative projects – some leading to awards and spotlights.

AdWeek & AdAge 2017
Brand: SVEDKA Vodka US
Campaign budget 1MM USD plus
Flight date of 3 weeks, National US

AdWeek Article SVEDKA Vodka US Campaign
AdAge Article SVEDKA Vodka US Campaign

Her global experience brings strategies to the table that are ahead of the curve.