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How to Make Your Blog Better: Strategic Edition

So, you’ve fixed your blog’s writing issues but there maybe deeper problems at play? Here are a few tips. Identify an Audience Not knowing who your audience is would be a bit like not knowing who your customers are. The blog you write for Zoomer and Millennial families looking for a good deal on wireless is […]

How to Make Your Blog Better: Practical Edition

Need a few practical tips to improving your blog? Look no further.

Remember When FIFA Made a Movie Celebrating Themselves?

We’ve tried to forget.

Some Thoughts on Bill C-11

Spoiler: the thoughts are mainly negative.

Tony’s our go-to guy for PPC advertising. We rely on his deep understanding of the medium and laser-sharp focus on data. Tony manages and evaluates the performance of our many campaigns on Google Ads and (even) Microsoft Ads.  Tony makes data-driven decisions through a continuous cycle of “test, learn and apply”.  

With a long career in digital advertising,  Tony has worked with a diverse group of B2B and B2C clients including Distributel, Canadian Tire, JP Morgan Chase Bank, BMO, FirstOntario Credit Union, Explorers’ Edge, and many others.  Tony began his marketing career back in 1996 developing business retention and acquisition programs for Bell, Molson, Telus, Purolator, Xerox and U.S. power companies. A pioneer in loyalty marketing and former Director of Loyalty at the Canadian Automobile Association, Tony’s extensive sales and marketing experience, coupled with the latest in online digital marketing tools, means he knows how to generate significant and sustainable results.