4 More Ways to Repurpose Content

Do like MacGyver and find new ways to use that blog post.


by Dave Robson

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So, you know that you need to be repurposing content. After all, you paid for it—you want to maximize your ROI, right? And you’ve already thought about turning old blog posts into new blog posts, turning webinars into video tutorials, turning powerpoint presentations into slideshare presentations, turning slideshows into infographics, and turning blog posts into a book? Well, here are four more ways to repurpose that sweet content.

Turn a Twitter Discussion Into a Blog Post

Hosting a twitter discussion is an awesome way to get quality engagement. After your discussion, though, you need to sort through the relevant tweets and turn them into a blog post bursting with quotes. Best of all, the Twitter users you quote are likely to share your blog post.

Turn Statistics into Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Posts

You’re already using salient statistics in your other content—bolstering your blog posts, spicing up your slideshows, and so on. Stick the most compelling statistic into a tweet and include a link to the original content at the end. Better yet, put the statistic on a social media-friendly image.

Turn Blog Posts Into Guest Posts

There’s almost certainly another site out there publishing the same kind of thing you are (or hundreds), so if you have a big archive of posts, considering offering a post or two to another website as a guest post. Why give away your content? Well, because your content always leads back to you.

Turn Blog Posts into Podcasts

Podcasting is a massively popular form of content, what with the slow death of radio and ever-lengthening commute times. You can tap into that in a podcast, and if you’ve been blogging, launching a podcast isn’t so hard. After all, you already have a script—you just need to record and launch using some of the free and easy tools out there. And if you’d like to professional voice actor, hiring one is very easy.

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