Proof that Content Marketing Pays

Our client, RTO 12, has gone all in on content marketing. The results are astounding.


by Peter Coish

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We’ve been working with Regional Tourism Organization 12, better known as Explorers’ Edge, for over 4 years now. It’s a great relationship, and we’ve all learned a lot about how to make a modest marketing budget drive big results for local businesses.  And we’ve seen the biggest dividends over the past two years – in 2013 we decided to go “all in” on content marketing, a strategy which in fiscal 2015 will drive close to one million visitors to the terrific Explorers’ Edge online magazine.  And more importantly, 200,000 visitors to tourism operator websites in the region.

We’re thrilled to see this accomplishment recognized by Marketing Magazine. Congratulations to James, Kate and all our beloved clients at RTO 12. Here’s to more great content marketing in 2016!

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Photo courtesy of Explorers’ Edge.