Hippos, Burger King, and the Tide Pod Challenge - it's all in our round-up of the best content marketing of January, 2018.

The Best Content Marketing of January 2018

Hippos, Burger King, and, of course, the Tide Pod Challenge.


by Dave Robson

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It’s our round-up of the best content marketing of January, 2018. Burger King explains net neutrality better than most news outlets, a baby hippo capitalised on internet fame, and Tide had to deal with idiots eating their detergent.

Burger King Explains Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a big deal, but explaining it to people can be tough because it has to do with both internet technology, which the vast majority of people don’t get, and public policy, which the vast majority of people don’t understand. So here’s Burger King explaining Net Neutrality with burgers. Topical and funny; why can’t all content marketing be like this?

Dude Perfect’s Jewellery Trick Shots

Dude Perfect have built a content marketing empire, and it all started with their videos of unreal trick shots. Kay Jewellers sponsored this video, so the guy cleverly incorporated jewellery into their trick shot magic. Seriously, look at the ring twenty-five seconds in. Amazing. Oh, and know what else is amazing? 32 million views in a couple of weeks.

Tide Responds to the Tide Pod Challenge

If you don’t spend all your time on the dumber portion of the internet, a little explanation: the Tide pod challenge is when a teenager videos himself (it’s nearly always a him) eating a tide pod. The vast majority of these aren’t real, but about 40 teens have been treated in US hospitals; actually doing something like this can be fatal (no, seriously). But whether it’s a real thing, hoax, meme, or some combination thereof, stuff like this has the potential to hurt a company’s’ bottom line. That’s why Tide shot a quick PSA with NFL player Rob Gronkowski. Lesson: it’s a good idea respond to a dumb meme fast and with a healthy dollop of comedy.

Bangers With Babish

Binging With Babish is a pretty neat YouTube show where filmmaker Andrew Rea makes some kind of food from a TV show, like the rum French toast from Mad Men or Rachel’s trifle from Friends. Sometimes he also makes a better version too, just in case what is made ends up being gross. Anyway, one of the things he’s done to promote his channel is create and share a Spotify playlist, Bangers with Babish. We’re sharing it because it’s a tight playlist, but also because it’s a pretty good example of inexpensive content marketing.

The Fiona Show

Fiona is a baby hippo, born at the Cincinnati zoo, who went viral after she was born premature. With a lot of specialized, intensive care, Fiona pulled through and is now a growing hippo and Facebook star. Someone at the Cincinnati zoo decided to start filming Finoa’s adventures and turn it into a show on Facebook, and thousands of people have tuned in. This month saw the start of the second season of the Fiona Show, which clocked in at 1.7 million views. The reach and engagement the Cincinnati zoo gets out of this is pretty incredible.