Content Marketing Bulletin, February 17, 2016

Forget about Dre? Apple is not about to let that happen.


by Peter Coish

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Today in the bulletin, three social platforms that are getting into content marketing.

First up, Facebook, who just announced they are adding new publishers to its under-reported Anthology branded-video program. Basically, marketers with deep pockets can buy a branded content/media package from Facebook. Why would you do that? For one thing your reach on Facebook is guaranteed, which is kind of a big deal. We love it because of the reaction from media buyers when it launched a year ago, who cried foul that they were having to pay for content AND media.  These people don’t get it – somehow they have yet to make the connection between the rates they force on publishers and the quality of the content on which they get to advertise their clients.

Next, Snapchat. Their Discover platform got off to a big start, but has since sailed into stormier seas. Still, it still a potential challenger to just about every other content distribution platform if you’re chasing a 12 to 25 demographic. In an effort to increase the reach of Discover publishers’ videos, the company just added the ability to subscribe to their channels. Not only will increase video view counts, all those deep links will drive more app engagement.

Last, Apple Music. Okay, okay it’s not quite a social platform. (Bonus points for you if you can name the Apple Music “social network”. Double bonus points if you use it.)  But Apple announced that it’s producing its first original TV series starring rapper Dr. Dre (and co-creator of the Beats headphone line acquired by Apple for $3B). The six-episode series, called “Vital Signs,” is based on Dre, and will be distributed on Apple Music. Lest you think Apple is trying to become an original content producer like Netflix, think again. It’s more likely content marketing with the objective of driving interest in Apple Music itself.

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