The second half of our round-up of the best content marketing in 2016.

The Best Content Marketing of June 2016

Nick Offerman, John Cena, and so much gut bacteria.


by Dave Robson

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This month: Nick Offerman meets up with his dad on father’s day so they can not talk together, Bentley makes a point about attention to detail with a massive picture, and we learn something about gut bacteria from a Finnish dairy company and a guy who just won’t stop licking things.

Nick Offerman Spends Father’s Day Not Talking to His Dad

Nick Offerman is famous for liking Lagavulin whisky, so eventually the company decided to just pay him to promote it. Last December, he sat by a fire for forty-five minutes not saying anything. Now, here he is with his dad. They’re both fishing and not saying anything.

Bentley’s 53-Billion Pixel Image

So, why did Bentley release a 53-billion pixel image of the Golden Gate Bridge? After all, 53-billion pixels is so large that if printed out it would be the size of a football field. So what gives? Well, this way, you could zoom in on the Bentley Mulsanne on the bridge and get a high-res shot of the stitching on the Bentley ‘B’ logo on the passenger headrest. Hey, if you’re going to make a point about attention to detail, go big or go home.

Unexpected John Cena & Cricket Wireless

The unexpected John Cena meme can be pretty annoying, but Cena knows how to have fun with dumb internet stuff and Cricket Wireless does too. Most corporate attempts at memes fail pretty spectacularly, so how’d Cricket Wireless manage to do it well? Easy: they involved the man himself. 9 million views inside a week? Man, the internet really loves John Cena.

Band of Horses Gets Into Branded Content

Do yourself a favour: before scrolling down, watch the video and see if you can tell who’s sponsoring dad rock mainstays Band of Horses in this new music video.

Good on Sonos for their approach to branded content. You don’t see so much as a Sonos speaker in the video. It’s all revealed that they sponsored the content at the end. The connection between a speaker maker and a band is obvious—so why belabour the point?

Ian Wright Makes Hygiene Funny

Vailo is a massive dairy company in Finland, and one of their biggest lines of products in recent years involve probiotic bacteria, which can promote healthy gut flora. Ian Wright is a well-known travel presenter and comedian in the UK. So what can Ian Wright do for Vailo? Well, in this video, he travels around Europe, finding the dirtiest places and licking them. Why? Because Vailo products are all about promoting healthy gut bacteria, which people need because our overly sterilised world has led to a diminishment of gut bacteria. Did you know that content marketing can be educational? And gross?