Why You Should Repurpose Content

Content is like a Thanksgiving turkey. The first serving is only the beginning.


by Dave Robson

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We’re going switch things up and give you the bottom line first: if you’ve already paid for content, then you need to get the most out of your investment.

Let’s say you’ve written some authentic content that avoids the mistakes other marketers fall into and even better, it’s evergreen. You’ve optimised your SEO and now you’re just waiting for some longtail numbers.

You shouldn’t wait, though. If you created awesome content you need to repackage it and put it out there right now. Here’s why.

Different Media Mean Different Audiences

Some people are subscribed to dozens of YouTube channels and spend all day clicking; maybe they work from home. Others are looking for a quick blog read; maybe they’re working in an open plan office. Still others listen to dozens of podcasts a week, probably because they have a long commute. The point is: there are dozens of different media for your content, and different people favour different media.

Idea Expansion

When you adapt a blog post into a YouTube video, it changes a bit. Your new medium affords you the room to expand the idea in a way that the old medium didn’t. For example, the previously imagined article 6 Abs Exercises You Can Do in Your Office from our post on evergreen content expands when you turn it into a video because you can demonstrate what you’re talking about more easily.


Your podcast promotes your blog. Your blog promotes your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel promotes your webinars. Every piece of content you create should link or lead to another piece of content.


There are some simple numbers at play here. Your piece of content might be available online in perpetuity, but it’s competing against every other piece of content, and we can’t even put a number of that because it’s growing by thousands every day. So what do you do? You maximize your chance at clicks by turning one piece of content into ten.

Simple Economics

If you’ve spent time and money on an idea that’s become a video, it makes sense to keep the idea and turn it into a podcast, a blog post, a slideshow—as many different pieces of content as possible.

So, how many ways are there to repurpose content? Watch this space.