5 Ways to Repurpose Content

More turkey please. No really, more.


by Dave Robson

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It’s almost American Thanksgiving so we’re going to continue to push the “content-is-like-a-thanksgiving turkey” analogy.  Just as you have found different ways to serve up all that leftover turkey post-Thanksgiving, you’ve got to do the same thing with your content in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Last week we told you why you need to repurpose content. How do you go about doing that? Not a problem. Here are five ways to repurpose content.

Turn Dated Blog Posts Into Relevant Blog Posts

Poke through your blog archive and find content that’s well-written but no longer timely due to antiquated statistics, old case studies and dated jokes. Give it a thorough edit and republish. Funny thing about the internet: things posted here get remembered in perpetuity yet they don’t always age very well.

Turn Webinars Into Video Tutorials

The humble webinar is one of the most effective B2B marketing tools available—but why not make it more available? Record the webinar, put it through some light editing, and you have valuable content. Bonus: promote your webinar at the end of your videos. Some people will certainly appreciate that extra interactive step.

Turn PowerPoint Into Slideshare

Look, we get it, your in-person presentation is great and beats the alternative any day of the week. But here’s the thing: the alternative, a slideshow published online, can reach a far wider audience.  So add a little more meat to your PowerPoint presentation (you know, to make up for your absence) and turn them into slides with SlideShare.

Turn a Slideshow Into an Infographic

Have a neat slideshow bursting with factoids, graphs, expert quotes, and up-to-the minute statistics? Well, combine those slides into an infographic. Infographics may be the most shareable things ever invented; they spread through social media like wildfire. Best of all, you don’t need to be a graphic designer. Check out one of the many infographic templates out there.

Turn Blog Posts Into a Book

If you’re a subject-matter expert and you’ve racked up a year or so worth of blogging, you’ll probably have enough thematically similar posts to turn into a book. You might need to do a little extra writing to fill in the blanks and create some extra visuals to round out the edges, and suddenly you’re adding the line “author of…” to your resume.