AI Is Here for Your Stock Photography

Sorry, multi-ethic groups of business people looking excited.


by Dave Robson

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It might take awhile for AI to fully take over your driving. AI won’t be fully flying your plane anytime soon. AI translation still has a way to go. But one area where AI is moving aggressively is in the area of generated images.

Meet Midjourney. They have a bot that can create images based on a short description. For example, suggest “a rainy night in Paris in 1946”, and you get these:

The results are pretty stunning and best of all, they’re free. All you have to do to get them is join Midjourney’s discord and abide by their rules: don’t ask for anything inflammatory, no adult content, and don’t be a jerk. The results are quite perfect yet. For example, the AI struggles with fingers:

This is probably the future of stock photography. Instead of browsing around a stock photography website and trying different phrases to see if a stock photographer has ever tried your idea, you can just ask some AI to create your idea.

Overall, this is an exciting development. Check out the discord channel and test Midjourney’s bot out for yourself. You might be surprised at what it can do.