Content Marketing Bulletin, February 22, 2016

Twitter's big in Japan, ads are coming to Facebook Messenger, and more.


by Peter Coish

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Happy Monday, content marketing fanatics.

We’ve been hard on Twitter in recent posts. But it’s not all doom and gloom for the increasingly irrelevant micro-blogging service. Ā Seems Twitter has more users than Facebook in Japan – 25 million, to be exact. The service has grown 500% since 2011, when the earthquake and tsunami hit the island. Ā One big reason for the popularity of the platform: you can say a lot within theĀ 140 character limit in Japanese.

Seems thatĀ Facebook is planning to monetize it’s 800 million or Messenger users with ads. According to a document leaked last week, the ads won’t be pushed out to just anybody. In order for a advertiser to send an advertising message, it has have a prior communication with the user on the platform.

Speaking of mobile ads, we think this is a pretty big deal: mobile operator ThreeĀ announced last week it is going to launch network-level browser ad blocking. Ā Given that most mobile ads are now delivered via apps like Facebook, it’s not likely going to reduce the number of ads users see by a lot. Ā But it’s more bad news for vendors of these microscopic ads, and the IAB is, predictably, not amused.

Last, in our world of content creation, Buzzfeed is a juggernaut that now generates over 5 billion page views per month. This is a fascinating piece on they do it.