15 Fun April Fools Pranks

Featuring a Zoom battle royale, a meatball-of-the-month club, and gross cheese-based skincare.


by Dave Robson

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Creating an April Fools video, social post, or microsite is an easy way for companies to market themselves. Here are a few of our favourites from 2021.

Cyngn Horse

Cyngn sells autonomous vehicles, so they’re pleased to announce the most autonomous vehicle of all: a horse.

IGN’s Zoom Royale

What if we combined Zoom with the trend for battle royale games? Zoom would be better, that’s for sure. Actually, Zoom, maybe make this.

Velveeta Skincare

Fun, but gross. Although maybe talk to KFC and make it real?

Newegg’s Drink Dispensing PC

This fake PC looks more real than the possibility of getting a 3080 anytime soon.

The Canadian Space Agency Found Our Socks on Mars

It’s pretty benign for a prank, but an April Fool’s tweet can put a space agency on the public’s radar in a way their regular content can’t.

Duolingo Toilet Paper Rolls

Combining reading material and TP? Genius! This fully-interactive site really expands the joke.

TaskRabbit, Now With Rabbits

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that connects freelance labour with customers. Sadly, until now, none of that labour came with actual rabbits.

Fluidmaster’s Toilet Rock

The events of 2020 have inspired a lot of toilet paper jokes, such as this one from toilet fixing pros Fluidmaster. Their emergency wiping rock sounds pretty close to the three sea shells.

Firehouse Subs Meatball-of-the-Month Club

We know a few people who might seriously sign up for a meatball of the month club.

Bud Lite’s Gross Pizza Seltzer Thing

The real fun is scrolling through Twitter to see who thinks this stuff is real and worth trying.

Kodo Announces a Perfume

Want to smell like an old book? Actually, we know a few people who would like if this thing was real.

Meet Kobo papier. — sweet with just a hint of the musty smell of aged paper, our new signature fragrance conjures…

Posted by Kobo on Wednesday, 31 March 2021


South Australia Police Announces Weiner Dog Brigade

Fun fact: Aussies call them sausage dogs.

Porsche Announces Rusty Paint

At least fifty per cent of this April Fool’s gag is indistinguishable from a regular Porsche commercial.

SurfShark for Windows ‘95

There are so many nineties details to love in this spot, so we’ll just pick three: the flying pink shapes, the mouse cleaning kit, and the multiple floppy disk installation.

Razer Rapunzel

Razer brings its multicolour technology to hair to create programmable hair dye. Although this could become a thing in like fifty years.