The Best Content Marketing in May 2015

Anthony Bourdain, hot surfers, Keyboard Cat and . . . Anthony Bourdain.


by Peter Coish & Dave Robson

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We never would have pegged Anthony Bourdain for a media mogul, but the chef turned TV personality turned publisher turned content marketer continued to amaze this past month. Oh, and some other people (and cats) showed up on our list of the best content marketing we saw in May.

Raw Craft Part Two

As we noted in an earlier post, the first episode of Raw Craft was excellent content marketing for all the right reasons: Bourdain is a trusted spokesman, the Balvenie is selling the idea of craftsmanship, and they aren’t using the series to sling whisky. This episode: bench-made suits painstakingly crafted by a pugilistic tailor (and sometimes actor).

Nest DropCams

Roads & Kingdoms is the young but amazing travel journalism site where Bourdain happens to be editor-at-large (and an investor too boot). Nest makes the DropCam, an inexpensive home-security cameras. Nifty but not sexy, right? Well, they’ve solved that problem by partnering with R+K and sponsoring these street cams, featuring Bangkok, London, New York, and Auckland.

Malcolm McDowell Reads White Papers

In non-Bourdain related news, Adobe has released some marketing white papers. Wait, don’t lots of people do that? And aren’t those just marketing pretending to be research? Well, yes and yes, and that’s why it’s sometimes challenging to get people to read them. What people will do, however, is listen to Malcolm McDowell, of Clockwork Orange fame, read said white papers.  We think they would be even better if he read them in character as a Droog.

Samsung & the Avengers

If you can’t be Marvel, you may as well grab onto their coattails, so that’s what Samsung did in this short video. We aren’t crazy about the fact that they take two videos to make their point, but they pull viewers towards a 360° video of the battle for Avengers tower, available only at the Oculus Store with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR Headset.

Delta & Air New Zealand Make Safety Entertaining

Air New Zealand has a bit of a history of making long safety videos featuring known media commodities, like their one with Bear Grylls, or their Lord of the Rings extravaganza. Now they’re back with a bunch of pro-surfers, suggesting that you should travel to New Zealand because a) there’s surfing and b) man, aren’t those New Zealanders attractive?

Delta is back with a safety video too, and we say ‘back’ because in 2008 they sort of stumbled into a viral hit when the flight attendant in the first safety video they posted online became an internet meme dubbed Deltalina. Their 2015 version has taken advantage of that and then some, cramming as many memes as possible into five minutes (with a helpful little guide for people who don’t spend all day on the internet).  Deltalina, as usual, makes a cameo.