The Best Content Marketing of July 2018

Pizza farms, the Ocho, and the (near) return of Breaking Bad.


by Dave Robson

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Display Advertising: Direct Buy or DSP – Which is Right for You?

Bypassing the middleman usually means a lower price for the buyer. But when it comes to display advertising, this truism ain’t, umm, true.

Google Downranks AI Content. But Google Is Paying Publishers to Create AI Content

Google, what the heck?

Overview of Quebec’s Bill 25

Quebec’s Bill 25, officially known as “An Act to improve the protection of personal information in the private sector,” will profoundly reshape the landscape of marketing and advertising within the province.

Impact on Marketing and Advertising

The Everything App Will Amount to Nothing

Elon’s cringey press release about X as the “everything app” is a case of a billionaire smelling his own farts for too long.

The Google Ads Algorithm and the (Dreaded) Learning Period

Google Ads’ advanced algorithms learn from vast datasets to predict outcomes. Tweaking campaigns may reset this process and trigger a learning period.

This month, Nick Offerman grew a Pizza Farm, KFC decided to bring back ESPN’s the Ocho, and Breaking Badcooks meth for charity. Well, not exactly.

Omaze Breaks Bad

Omaze is an online fundraising platform promising the prize of completely unique experiences in exchange for raising money for causes. Singing karaoke with Kermit the Frog? Chat about the West Wing with Martin Sheen? Hang out with Anna Kendrik and Blake Lively on a red carpet? All can be had by giving money through Omaze.

The neat thing about the platform is that content marketing is built right into the model. For example, to promote the prize of hanging out with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in their Breaking Bad RV, Omaze shot this fun little short that has racked up nearly two million views. All donations support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Kind Campaign, by the way.

The American Heart Association Starts a Pizza Farm With Nick Offerman

We’ve seen lots of healthy eating PSAs and most are pretty sad. Or worse, boring. Thankfully, this satirical pizza farm spot with Nick Offerman is anything but. It even comes with a call to action and hashtag at the end. To save healthy school lunches, you see. We’re thinking more PSAs should take a humorous approach.

Audible Sponsors the Queen of Shitty Robots

Simone Gietz is the Queen of Shitty Robots. She makes cool stuff like robots that can give manicures or drones that carry small children, but they’re bad at their jobs. It goes on YouTube and becomes super popular. Audible is a pretty good fit for Simone’s content. Also, Simone is recovering from brain surgery, so it’s good to see her back making content so soon.

KFC Brings Back ESPN The Ocho

ESPN’s the Ocho comes from the 2004 movie Dodgeball. If you haven’t seen it, we insist you add it to your weekend line-up.

Anyway, ESPN has actually run content for the Ocho before, last year. This year, it’s coming back thanks to KFC, who is planning a “Battle of the Buckets” sporting event. KFC will sponsor a whole day’s worth of Ocho content, which will include whatever KFC has planned, two showings of Dodgeball, and a bunch of sports content including cornhole toss, hurling, light sabre duelling, chess boxing, and other weird stuff. Because weird stuff is KFC’s brand.

The Donald Trump Presidential Library, the Book

Last year, the Daily Show launched a presidential library of Donald Trump’s tweets. It was reportedly pretty funny, but alas, only around for a weekend.

If you missed out, then perhaps you can enjoy The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, the book. Fans seem to love it, and we’re sure there’s someone in your life who needs this book.

So score another content marketing win for the staff over at the Daily Show. We can’t wait for their take on the Donald J. Trump Presidential Jail Cell.