Content Marketing by the Numbers

Content marketing is on the rise. Here are 15 stats that prove the next big thing in marketing is already a thing.


by Dave Robson

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Custom content is the future of marketing, according to 78% of American CMOs.  So here are some more stats from stateside about the state of the next big thing in marketing.

Content marketing is a high priority in 2015’s marketing budgets, according to 67% of B2B companies.

In fact, 24% of marketing organisations now put at least 50% (or more!) of their budgets toward content.

Feeling pressure to show a return on your content marketing budget? So do 68% of marketing professionals.

You could double your chances of tracking ROI, though, by having a documented content strategy with measurable objectives.

Blogs, image-sharing, newsletters . . . how many ways should you create content? B2B marketers are using an average of 13 different ways.

The three biggest types of content marketing in B2B in terms of time spent, are ebooks, whitepapers, and blogs.

Using social media for business? If not, you’re in the 7% who don’t.

And you’re missing out, because Facebook drives 25% of all internet traffic.

Increasing your YouTube presence? So are 67% of marketers.

Sometimes, though, shorter videos are better: ask the 35% of marketers planning on increasing their use of services like Vine.

Short on content ideas? You might have to look outside the marketing department, but not outside the firm: 70% of marketers want to generate ideas more easily from their coworkers.

Content marketing isn’t easy. In fact, 95% of B2B markets says that managing their content creation process is one of their biggest challenges.

Content creation should be streamlined and hierarchies made simple, as 52% of content marketing firms say they “frequently” miss deadlines because of problems with approval, collaboration, and “general chaos” of content creation.

Maybe that’s why 67% of marketers say that there’s room for improvement in their content creation processes.