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Yoga and banking - together at last.

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Did you know that there are yoga moves to solve specific health issues?

That’s the idea behind our video series, Small Yoga Moves That Make a Big Difference, produced for our publishing project Mrs Robinson. The eight-part video series provides women over 40 achievable, fitness-based solutions for a range of issues like indigestion, weight loss and stress.

The one-minute videos star Angela Jervis-Read of Toronto’s Sundara Yoga Studio. Jervis-Read is also the Mrs Robinson health and wellness contributor. All segments are accompanied by a supporting story on Mrs. Robinson.

The video series was sponsored by RBC Royal Bank. Lisa Richler, Managing Editor of Mrs Robinson, says, “One of the goals of the site is to help women stay healthy and fit as they age.  We identified a connection between this and RBC’s own financial fitness advice strategy which is designed to help consumers make small, meaningful changes that add up to helping them achieve their larger life and financial goals. From this the sponsorship was born.”