RTO 12 Chooses Kuration

We continue our relationship with Ontario's most iconic tourism region.

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Ontario is paving the way for a stronger, more competitive tourism industry. Based on recommendations from the 2009 report, Discovering Ontario: A Report on the Future of Tourism, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport established 13 tourism regions, each with a strong Regional Tourism Organization (RTO).  Each RTO is independent, industry-led and not-for-profit, and each provides leadership and coordination to support competitive and sustainable tourism regions.

RTO 12 (better known as Explorers’ Edge) is the region of Ontario that includes two of Canada’s most iconic tourism brands – Muskoka and Algonquin Park – as well as Parry Sound, the Almaguin Highlands and Loring-Restoule. And we’re pleased to announce that Kuration has just been selected to provide strategic counsel on content marketing to RTO 12, as well as assistance in the execution of their social media advertising.

Our relationship with Explorers’ Edge goes back three years. From late 2011 to early 2014 our previous incarnation, Cloud AdAgents, was their advertising services agency of record. We helped them build a serious following on Facebook – of all the RTOs in Ontario, only Toronto has a larger one on Facebook.

And now, as the region dedicates itself to social mobile content marketing, they have chosen us the newly minted Kuration as their strategy partner.