The Best Content Marketing of January 2019

Lego Movie Hot Ones, the Mailchimp TV show, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


by Dave Robson

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This month in content marketing, Mailchimp made a little TV show that’s actually pretty good, a Lego Movie 2 character got interviewed on YouTube sensation Hot Ones, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez kicked ass and took names.

Mailchimp Made a TV Show

Here are the facts: Mailchimp, a service that lets you create newsletters and email campaigns, has created a mini TV show. It’s called Taking Stock, and it follows a photographer who creates stock images. Any digital media professional who has spent hours scouring stock photography sites will find it relatable. It’s clever, funny, and the lead actress, Ashley Denise Robinson, is pretty talented. You can watch all five episodes here.

The United Airlines Cookbook

What’s the deal with airline food? Well, the deal is that we aren’t eating in business class. Those lucky (and high-paying) people get pretty great airline food. And if you don’t believe that, you can now see for yourself with the help of the United Polaris Cookbook. As a bonus, it benefits the Trotter Project, a group that provides education and support for disadvantaged young chefs.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Makes Genius Content

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understands marketing, branding, and social media more than anyone else in the Democratic Party. Her “Corruption Game” speech is now the most viewed political speech of all time and is in the top 40 most viewed videos on Twitter. But viral hits like that don’t come out of nowhere. AOC built her social media presence bit by bit. Most politicians (or more often, their teams) post constant insincere tweets, but AOC spends time answering questions, clapping back, and most importantly, creating content. Even prior to being sworn in, she built a following by constantly posting short videos showing her constituents what she’s doing and how Washington really works. Some of her best content, though, is her cooking videos she posts on Instagram Stories. She cooks and answers questions, sometimes with other freshmen Members of Congress. Keep watching her. This is winning content.

Lego Hot Ones

Hot Ones is one of the most popular series on YouTube. For the uninitiated, it involves host Sean Evans interviewing someone while they eat progressively hotter wings, a ruse that tends to disorient the interviewee a little bit and results in a great interview. In this video, though, it’s a Lego version of Sean Evans interviewing Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi, a character from the upcoming Lego Movie 2. Note, of course, that Lego is one of the biggest content marketers in the world and that the Lego Movie franchise is itself content marketing, making this content marketing for content marketing.