How to Write Killer Content for Boring Businesses

For inspiration we turn, once again, to Bart Simpson.


by Dave Robson

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Back in the glory days of The Simpsons, Bart and his classmates visit a cardboard box factory for a field trip. Naturally, only straight-laced Principal Skinner and über-nerd Martin Prince find the whole affair interesting, and naturally, Bart escapes the boring box factory to visit Krusty Studios next door.

Sadly, no one wants to spend time at the box factory. But sometimes you’re called on to write content about cardboard boxes. So how do you make content about such a boring product killer content?

Easy—write about topics related to your boring product.

Relate Your Boring Product to Something Funny

Ever watched teenagers try and slide down a wet, grassy hill by using a cardboard box as a toboggan? That’s comedy gold. People might not want to read about all the unique selling points of The Boring Box Company’s double-corrugated, eight-fold, fourteen-gauge box, but they probably wouldn’t mind reading about the seven stupidest things you can do with one.

Relate Your Boring Product to Something Useful

If you can’t entertain people, you can at least help ‘em out. People like tips to make their lives easier, novel ways to use old products, and advice they can pass on to Facebook acquaintances in what must be a slacker’s attempt to be helpful. A cardboard box article can be about the easiest ways to pack things, ways to use boxes that don’t involve packing, or a list of the biggest mistakes people make when moving.

Relate Your Boring Product to Something, Umm, Out-of-the-Box

We live in a time when people are only too happy to create entertaining content that you can link to — video, images, blogs, and so much more. Scour YouTube, and you’re sure to find a couple of college kids who’ve fashioned armour out of cardboard boxes and then had a beercan swordfight. Check out Imgur, and there’s going to be all kinds of pictures with cardboard boxes. And cats in boxes. The content is already there — you just need to curate it.

So, do these connections make boring stuff like cardboard boxes any more interesting? Not really — but as long as the connection is immediately relevant to your brand, it will make your content interesting. And that’s what makes for killer content marketing.

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