The Best Content of August, 2020

Animal Crossing, Ryan Reynolds, and Ford Bronco.


by Dave Robson

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This month in content marketing, Ikea jumps on the Animal Crossing hype train, Ryan Reynolds launched a streaming service with only one movie, and Ford Bronco did an online launch the right way.

IKEA Launches an Animal Crossing Themed Catalogue

Animal Crossing is a game where a player makes friends, collects rare flowers, and decorates their own little island. It’s as wholesome as video gaming gets, and Ikea has re-created parts of their catalogue in the game. They’ve also posted the results to Facebook. Note that it’s not the first time Ikea has dug into content marketing. Or the first time they’ve taken advantage of pop culture.

Ryan Reynolds Launches a Streaming Service That Only Plays 2003’s Foolproof

Noting that every company needs a streaming service, Reynolds, posting on behalf of Mint Mobile, has launched his own streaming service. It only plays Foolproof. Why? Well, Reynolds was in Foolproof, some Canadian heist film we don’t even remember. And he co-owns Mint Mobile. And it was a very funny thing to do. Sadly, the service, Mint Mobile Plus didn’t last the weekend. But they made their point and now everyone who follows Reynolds knows they exist.

Ford Bronco Launches Online With a Short Film

There aren’t any big in-person car launches this year, so Ford launched their new Bronco online with a big, eleven minute film that they live streamed. And look, after the pandemic is over and big in-person events come back, will online streams go back to being an afterthought? We hope not. It’s not like everyone can show up for this stuff.